Nik Green (1954-2016)

This site will honor Nik Green’s life, music, love, with images and music added as it is completed.    Penny Little, his wife and musical partner in The Away Team since 1994 will be completing the mixes which Nik did not finish at the time of his passing.  Nik liked the name “Now and Ever Shall Be” which Penny suggested.   The Memorial Celebration of Life for Nik Green  will be June 7, 7-9 pm at the Butler Event Center in Goleta.   This will be a tribute to Nik’s life, in dance, song, words, music and image.

You can sign the Legacy Guestbook Condolences and leave a message in perpetuity here.

Quite a few rock music press sites have acknowledged Nik’s passing.  Here are just a few.  They are too numerous to list them all.




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